Life: Part 1 English Quotes
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"Life" often people defines this as a "complicated thing". Everything that touches your life are connected to the entire universe. What you do today gives a significant impact of the future of this earth. But life can be measured by how you gain happiness in this world. And there's no other great thing but to love and be loved.

Hubagang Ate Uy friendster graphic comments
Friendster Bisaya Espesyal Comments & Graphics

"Hubagang Ate Uy" is a very famous expression for filipinos who belongs to the sexy group. This is particularly for females who have big bust or big front (?) or with big .... never mind. But sometimes this expressions made the woman feel being exploited or being made "bastos" that's why men avoid this if they don't know the person. But if it is a friend, then they make jokes about it.

MERRY HALLOWEEN friendster graphic comments
Halloween | friendster graphic comments
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Why are we celebrating this Halloween occasion? If you have a thoughts or insights on this, pls don't hesitate to post a comment. I have some info already but not convinced to celebrate this. Companies use this occassion to earn more or to gain profits!

Forgiveness! English Quotes
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You know folks, I do forgive easily. I relieves me of heartaches. So start forgiving yourself and your enemies. Make love, do love, create love. Love you all!

Your Pinoy Proudly Seal graphic graphic comments graphic comments

Get the Proudly Pinoy Seal at Courtesy of Take note that this images are not the official winners but they deserve to be known and shown to the public. There are more of them. Grab them now and put it in your site or blogs.

I Love You! friendster graphic comments
Friendster Pinoy Love Comments & Graphics

"Mahal Kita!" this is how Filipino's say "I Love You" to the person who he/she loves! Hope this adds up to your vocabulary. Mahal ko kayo!

Cheese Burger Threat! friendster graphic comments
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Hi! the most famous line of Mc DOnalds, pa cheese burger ka naman dyan! To all who celebrates their achivement! congratulations! pa cheese burger ka naman! burger! burger! burger!

Prayer For My Boss English Quotes
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For those managers, don't be offended with this prayer. This is really intended for you! I keep on praying for you BOSS!

Best Friends Part1 English Quotes
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Can you Remember the days when you are in deep trouble where your friends are really ready to get battle with your opponent? well, they say they are not just friends, but they are your true friends. Me too, I'm ready to be in battle if my friend got in trouble!

Let's get ready to rumble! Your true friend....

Programmer Poetry English Quotes
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You life of a programmer really sucks! Yeah, don't react if you are a programmer, me too, i'm a programmer. All of the stuff mentioned in this poetry is really the truth behind our genius.

Those who aspire to become one, then join the caravan. Enjoy being a programmer!

Bongga Ka Day! friendster graphic comments
Friendster Pinoy Expression Comments & Graphics

This is a pinoy expression saying "You are a great gal!"

Image can be found at and can be use in your social networking sites.

Kampay! friendster graphic comments

This is a Filipino word for have a "shot" or "toast". Other filipino language would say it is "tagay". But anyway, lets drink to this!

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