iSteam for iPhone earns a bunch of 22-year olds $100,000 English Quotes
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iSteam features an incredible graphics engine that renders foggy, wet overlays on top of any image from your iPhone's library with astounding realism. But it isn't just the graphics itself, it's the clever use of iPhone's user interface and sensors that earned this application such a huge following.

The iSteam application is for sale for just 99cent and has been bought over 1 million times since its launch last week! ISteam has currently experienced more than 14% daily growth, with estimated monthly revenues of $100,000 - all this just 8 days after iSteam was first released. Since the launch of iSteam other top iPhone applications such as iFart and iBeer have seen a drop in sales for the first time since they launched.

This was all done by a bunch of 22 year olds, it just shows that young entrepreneurs know where it is at! iSteam managed to show up some well established Apps backed by millionaires in under 2 weeks! I wonder what would happen if we give them a month.

Good job iSteam!

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